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SW Swimming is Dedicated
to Teaching Individuals to Swim Confidently and Safely

Swim Fit
Stage 2
Aqua Aerobics
Racing Starts
Parent & Child

Why learn to swim?

Swimming is a brilliant all-round exercise. It benefits the body and the mind and what's more it's fun! It's good for your health, good for fitness and can help you lose weight. Whatever your age or ability swimming is an option.


·         Improved flexibility and strength

·         Builds up endurance

·         Increases muscular flexibility

·         Muscular balance

·         Heart muscle becomes stronger

·         Improves the physique

·         Increases circulation

·         Rehabilitates muscles

·         Improved ability to control and maintain healthy weight

Physical Benefits

Child Lessons 


Swimming is a lifelong skill. Learning to swim well will  not only be good for your child's helath and fitness, but will also give them the knowledge they need to stay safe in and around water. 


A sport that might one day save your life!

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